Utah’s System of Care program is part of a nationally recognized, evidence-based approach to service for families and children with emotional and/or behavioral health needs who receive support from multiple agencies or organizations. Its “wraparound” approach has two decades of supported evidence that helps families and children get the right service at the right time and at the appropriate level.

The national System of Care philosophy is based on the following core values and guiding principles:


Community based

Family driven

Youth Guided

Culturally and linguistically competent


Broad array of effective services and supports

Individualized, wraparound practice approach

Least restrictive settings

Family and youth partnerships

Service coordination

Cross-agency collaboration

Services for young children

Services for youth and young adults in transition to adulthood

Linkage with promotion, prevention and early identification


Parents/ Family

No matter the reason you need support right now, your care plan should be as unique as you.

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With System of Care, your voice matters. 

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Find out if you, your child or someone you know qualifies for System of Care services

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Together, we help families achieve the success you know they can.

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Stabilization & Mobile Response

Is your child in crisis?  We work with you and your family to create a plan that fits your needs

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